Van Por Colombia is a lifestyle, where from the first moment you get on our Van you feel that the adventure starts, motivates the charisma of people to want to know more, we guarantee fun and an excellent staff of accompaniment that you will teach about every culture, custom and how to take care of all the environment that surrounds you without worries and the best care for you and those who will accompany you on the trip through Colombia.


In our suitcase we always carry: Fun, Human quality, Respect, Compliance, Joy and Adventurers.

Our Vehicles

Ford Econoline (E-series, 2nd generación)


Year: 1970

Capacity: 10 pasajeros

Motor: 302 CID (4.9 L) Windsor V8

Transmission: Manual

Fuel: Gasoline / LPG

Style: 3 doors

Ford Econoline (3rd generación)


Year: 1982

Capacity: 11 pasajeros

Motor: 351 CID Windsor V8

Transmission: 3 Velocidades, automática

Fuel: Gasoline / LPG

Style: 3 doors

Your guide & driver

Rafael Perea Rondon


I am Rafael, an experienced backpacker. I was born in Leticia, the Amazonian city of Colombia. I have traveled to South America for 5 years from Colombia to Argentina. As the father of three children, I am now running "Van por Colombia", doing what I like most in the company of my children.

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